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Team Teaching

Team teaching
This is where two or more teachers in our school work together to teach the children in their class setting.
We utilise different models of team teaching to deliver various aspects of the curriculum: These methodologies are used at different times during the year for a number of weeks.The team will focus on a particular class and give that class a major boost in the chosen curricular area.
Team-teaching and in-class support ensure that all of the elements of literacy can be taught, reinforced and evaluated with children within a small group . These collaborative team-teaching methods can cater for the diversity of pupils, their learning styles and abilities. Such methods also ensure that the class teacher, in collaboration with the in-class support team, adopt best practice in literacy education

“Literacy Lift-Off”
From the outset in Galbally National School we implement a balanced approach to literacy that recognises the value of and incorporates many different elements of literacy . Lift off is one such initiative which is actively used in Galbally N.S. It is an intensive programme of reading which gives the pupils lots of opportunities to read books at their own level of competency. It works by gradually lifting the complexity of reading through the use of levelled readers (levels 1-30). It equips our children with the necessary reading skills to develop fluency and comprehension.
This is realised by utilising a team teaching approach whereby the groups rotate between various stations – New Book Station, Familiar Reading Station, Oral Language/Comprehension Station, Word building Station, Writing Station, ICT Station etc

Numeracy Stations.
This is another way in which our "Team" work in a class setting.Pupils are given the opportunity to explore number in a smaller group setting and are mentored closely by a teacher. Future topics to be covered during these numeracy stations are money, time and capacity.
A similar approach is taken in Senior classes with a strong emphasis on Maths Problem Solving.

                         Team teaching Numeracy in Ms Riordans class.

Early Intervention.
In Galbally NS we prioritise early Intervention.During this time the children are placed in mixed ability groupings where they rotate between 3 different stations where they explore different aspects of Reading, Numeracy and Literacy.Delivering early intervention programmes and providing supplementary teaching in English and / or Mathematics to pupils in the junior section of the school (Senior Infants to 1st Class) is highly effective.

                     Team teaching Literacy in Mrs Cunninghams class.

Guided Reading.

The middle classes will experience Guided Reading in term 2. This methodology allows children experience a range of genres and novels across varied levels.

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