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We studied Christmas poems such as "The night before Christmas" and "Christmas Eve"It inspired us to write our own Christmas poems. We hope you like them.

Christmas by Niall Carew
When it's Christmas there's lots of snow
And Santa's coming Ho Ho Ho.
I don't know what he'll bring
Let's hope he brings lots of things.
When the snow falls we sing Deck the Halls
When Santa is near there's lots of cheer
When the children see their presents
They don't strut like pheasants
It's usually night when it starts to get white
We suddenly all frown
We have to sit down
The dinner is coming
And the birds are humming...........
It's nearly over now
And I don't know how
It really flew
But I think I knew
It had to end
As I drive round the bend.

Christmas by Jayne Looby
On Christmas Eve it starts to snow
And Santa goes Ho, Ho, Ho!
The hurried late buyers look for something cheap
While the children are tucked up asleep
The children wake up with their hair in a bush
But down the stairs they rush, rush, rush!
Hoping their stockings won't be full of coal
They definitely won't weep and moan
When they find their presents under the tree
They jump up and down with glee
But Christmas really needs time for me!

Christmas by Ewan Cunningham
Christmas is coming
With Norad the santa tracker
Tells me where santa is on
Christmas Eve.

Searching for the pressies
In the attic or through a locked door
If I find the pressies
I want more.. more.. more..

Every person in the family
Give lots of pressies to me
Take the wrapping off
But it's all girls stuff!

Christmas by Eilish Hennessy
At Christmas time
even  pheasants get presents
The snow was so light and white
That you could hardly build a snowman.

The holidays went so fast
I  realise they didn't last
The snowman was too faulty
So he fell on the ground.
Snow was falling all around us
Merry Christmas everyone.

Christmas by Micheál McCabe
I can't wait for Christmas
It's going to be a blast
My cousins are coming over
I hope Christmas will last.

I hope I don't get coal
I've been really good this year
With all the presents I've given
I'll promise I'll leave out beer.

When I wake up on Christmas
I see a big huge case locked
I peel and look inside it
What, what happened … a pair of socks.

Christmas by Seán Finnan
It's Christmas time again
My favourite time of the year
When Santa is near
There's lots of Christmas cheer.

Christmas goes so fast
As years have passed
At dinner time
We all sat down.

And the very next day
Some people are sad some mad
That Christmas time
Is over once again.

Christmas by Conor O'Mahony
Christmas is here
And presents are here
The cousins arrive
The dinner is on time.

The dinner is lovely
The snow is so lovely
Santa is coming
His sleigh is running.

Christmas I love
And coke I do love
Christmas has cheer
All the family are here.

Christmas by Anna Rose Kennedy
School is out
So I can go
I can scream and shout
Santa's on the go.

The lights are bright
It's such a great sight
On the chimney tops I see
So many presents for me.

All the presents under the tree
And the yummy smell of the turkeys
Everyone's happy
And it just fills me with glee!

Christmas by Laura Morrissey
Christmas is the best time of the year
It always makes you cheer
Snow's on the ground
It's all around.

Santa is coming
From all his running
Children are asleep
And won't make a peep.

Lots  of presents
Under the tree
I hope some of them
Are for me.

Now the pudding is on fire
Oh no it's getting higher
Well Christmas it's always great
I hope we won't be late.

Christmas by Caoimhe McMahon
Snow is falling all around
Snowballs firing without sound
Dreams of presents in a heap
If I don't get them how I shall weep.

For Santa we will leave a treat
To give him time to rest his feet
Lots of deserts, cream and jelly
After this he'll have some belly.

Shoppers spending like there's no tomorrow
When reduced in sales there will be sorrow
I will dream next year when it's over
Santa will bring me a 'range rover'.

Christmas by Victoria Baker
Snow is falling all around
It is covering the ground
Presents underneath the tree
Hopefully they are all for me.

Santa we will leave a treat
To help him journey through the sleet
Aroma of this lovely meal
After this we'll surely keel.

Shoppers spending like there's no tomorrow
When slashed in sales there will be sorrow
Everyone is happy
And it just fills me with glee.

Christmas by Emily Noonan
Christmas is a lovely time
With lots of food that tastes divine
I love the beautiful soft white snow
And when we're asleep Santa says ho, ho ho!

There's lots of presents under the tree
And hopefully some of them are for me
I love the fun and Christmas cheer
And finally it has come here!

Christmas by Mikey Fitzgibbon
Christmas is here
But the presents are dear
The dinner will be lovely
With the ham and the turkey.

The weather is white
And my house is quiet
Santa is coming
With his singing and humming.

I love Christmas cheer
My favourite time of year
Christmas time goes fast
As lots of Christmases have passed.

Christmas by Anthony Cormack

Christmas is coming
So don't be late
Cause you will miss all of the fun
And never have any time to play.

When Santa is coming don't be frightened
He's only coming to stay and play
He will be flying around the world
Don't worry he won't bite.
He will bring you presents
And you should have some fun
While he's only there
For this year.

Christmas by Rachael Morrissey

Christmas Christmas it's that time of year
Time to be jolly and time to cheer
If you look outside and see
That it's the best white Christmas it can be.

I can eat all the food
And never be in a bad mood
It's that time of year
And you can drink all the beer.

Santa's here, it's about time
I've been waiting all year and now I hear the chime
One problem everyone's in bed
Except for me cause I'm not a sleepy head.

Christmas by Marie Sampson

Christmas is here shout and cheer
Santa is here drinking lots of beer
I just rip and tear I don't care
My mam goes mad because I've dirt everywhere.

The tree is up with lots of fuss
Snow is here at the end of the year
I'm awake in bed while man and dad are snoring their head
I can't wait … I hope he won't be late.

When Santa is here I'll wake up and peer
The dinner will be yummy when it meets my tummy
There's no rushing when Christmas is here
So as I said shout and cheer.

Christmas by Sarah O'Mullane

Christmas oh Christmas
It's that time of year
Santa has come
Let us all cheer.

The snow is falling
There is no fear
We're all playing
Dad is drinking beer.

Christmas is here
It's time to play
Santa is near
We're all happy and gay.

Christmas by Darragh Bourke

It's Christmas time it's time to cheer
Even when the boys drink beer
When the snow falls we all sing deck the halls
When Santa is near the children cheer
When the presents are open
Oh what a shock
Only to find a great big dirty sock.

At dinner time we all said a rhyme
Suddenly we frowned
As we all sat down for dinner
We heard a noise … the birds all humming
It's nearly over now
It's time to milk a cow.

Christmas by Philip O'Sullivan

It's Christmas time
Time to go down the stairs to have some fun in the sitting room
As fast as a race horse I see my presents
It's just a new sock.. what the hell
Just a new sock I'm not happy
I think I'm going red am I seeing things?
I see a big present that is as big as me
It comes from Africa what could it be?

I open the boxes what could it be?
I am so happy what could it be?
I open it up it's a big fat monkey
He is a blue monkey he is so fake
But why is he eating my bedroom floor
What do I do .. who do I call
But they won't do anything with my monkey
What do I do … sell him to a big Zoo maybe Dublin
But I don't like the Dubs
They're stupid just like Brian Cowen

Christmas by Grace Sampson

It's the night before Christmas
All that I can think
Is what's gonna happen
At every second that I blink.

All the hustle and bustle
Just drives me crazy
But what I do like
Is being myself, lazy.

I can't simply wait
To taste that food
It would be terrible to be late
Because it tastes so wonderfully good.

Christmas by Megan Walsh

It's the day before Christmas
And it's already snowing
The snow flakes are blowing
All over the place.

We are going shopping
For things that we need
So I go over to the nearest tree
I thought the presents under were free.

How stupid was I to run out the door
Whilst the alarm started to ring
I quickly fled to the park
And opened it up and all that I could see was an empty box.

Christmas by Rachael Burke

You know it's that time of year
When you can hear the children cheer
Snow falls so thick and white
During the day there's very little light.

Don't be bold, do what you're told
Or you'll find that Santa won't be kind
Everyone is kind, everyone is merry
Nobody goes anywhere in a hurry.

They all call with good cheer
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Christmas by Jane Casey

Christmas is coming
I can't wait
Christmas is coming
And Santa is gone out the gate.

Snow is falling
And I must say it's 'go h-alainn'
It's on the ground
And all around.

My cousins are coming
I can't wait, I'm humming.
I'm going to the church
To see my aunt march.

We were inspired to write the following poems by the famous Irish Writer WB Yeats.He loved Inisfree in Sligo........I will arise and go now and go to Inisfree
We have chosen places that have special meaning for us.

The park
I will arise and go now and go to the park
There I will play with my dog and he'll bark
I will meet my nice friends there
And we will play all day

And I shall have some fun there for fun comes
There I will pick flowers
I will get ready to go home
But first I will give my dog a comb

It was a lovely day
In the beautiful month of May
I will go to bed
But first I will pray for the dead
Chantelle Cunningham

My house in Park

I will arise and go now
And go to my house in Park
And I will listen to the dog bark
While I sit in the field and rest.

And I shall have some fun there
Walking everywhere
Checking all the cattle and
All there calves too.

And when the day is over
And all my work is done
I will relax and read the paper
And then will have some fun
Sean Sampson

I will arise and go now and go to croker
There I will play hurling and football
With all my friends from croker
We all will hope to get the ball

The rain and the snow
Will not slow us down
With Sammy up front
We hope to win the Sam Maguire  

We all hope to be able to celebrate
After winning the Sam  
We will not be saying dam we lost  
We should be singing champione  
By Jamie Morrissey

Grassy meadows
I will arise and go now
And go to my grassy meadow
The cattle are grazing
The view is amazing

I will awake and go to the mountain tops
And see the sheep as they eat there crops
So fresh the air
It's a lovely atmosphere

I will go home now
To let the tractor plough
I will go for my dinner
Each bite for every sinner
James Donovan.

I will arise and go now
I will arise and go now
and go to the farm yard
I will milk the cows and feed the calves
And then I may do some more.

And I shall have some peace there
With all my animals calling
And I will go and get the tractor
And sow some seeds before morning.

I will get a cup of tea
And then head for Galbally
I will get some food so
But I will be in a good mood though.
By William Ryan

W nowem

Moje najlepsze miejsce to Nowe mam tam przyjaciol odkad sie urodzilam.
Gdy widze ich i moge sie spotkac sie z nimi i czuje sie jak w niebie ,moge powiedziec im wszystko bo po to sa przyjaciele.

Lubie posiedziec nad jeziorem i opalac sie w sloncu gdy zachodzi, myslac co bedzie w przyszlosci.
Gdy nadchodzi lato najbardziej lubie moje miasto w Polsce wtedy mozna spacerowac cale dnie, isc w gory, biegac, spotykac sie z przyjaciolmi i sluchac muzyki .
Oraz robic zakupy bo to najbardziej lubie, a najbardziej uwielbiam chodzic do babci na dzialke tam spedzam czas z rodzina na zewnatrz.Isc nad Wisle i usiasc sie na lawce porozmawiac z Bliskimi ludzmi ktorych najbardziej lubie.
Czesto chodze plywac nad jezioro nad Nowem ,wtedy czuje sie jak ryba w wodzie.
Oraz z tata na ryby wiosna i na grzyby jesienia to moje wspolne hobby z tata.

Lubie to miasto bo jest dla mnie wszystkim tam sie urodzilam i czuje sie najlepiej tam moge rozmawiac po Polsku i dogadam sie zawsze i wszedzie bo to jest moje jedyne ulubione miejsce .
I napewno kiedys tam wroce.

Joanna Lydka

I will arise and go now
and go to Galbally NS
I will not be stupid
because they will make me smart

To see Mr Kearney
to teach us English
and Irish until
The day dies out!

Mrs leahy will be there
and so will Ms Maher
Mrs Cunningham  and the juniors
Because they are a delightful bunch
Niall Keating

At home on the farm

I will arise and go now,
And go to my home.
I will go to my family,
And live very happily.

And I shall have some peace there,
For peace comes dropping here.
The fresh air,
And the lovely view.

I will arise and go now,
And go and stay where I am.
Working on the farm,
And cleaning out the barn.
Patrick O Donoghue

The hurling field
I will arise and go now
And go to the hurling field
And a big pitch built there
For me and my family

And I shall have some fun there
As I love to hurl
Hitting the ball over and back
Going straight and when it curls

I love playing hurling
It's my favourite thing to do
I love scoring points
And goals too
Niall Kearney

I will arise and go now
And go to my home town
My home town is Lancaster
Were I can find my ancestors

And I will have family there
Family will come flooding in
For my aunts and my uncles
Will be waiting there for me

I will arise and go now
For time is going by
Go back to school and work all day
And come back again next year
Niamh Cunningham

will arise and go now
and go to anfield road
and watch Gerard and Torres
play on the pitch below

and I shall sing songs there
you'll never walk alone
and this is what ill do there
down by anfield road

and all the Liverpool fans
will be shouting for their team
the mighty reds that always said
you'll never walk alone
Kieran Kearns.

I will arise and go now          
And go to Disneyland
With the castles and rides,           
And I might even get a tane                 

And I will have some fun there,                       
And laugh and play all day,  
I will go on every ride    
And watch the musicians play.        

I might not stay there all the time,            
I might go to the sea   
I will see the waves crashing together
I will feel so free                        
Emer McCarthy

I will arise and go now  to my lovely home.
And the window is so clear and white.
I can look out all night.
My home is best.

For I shall have some heat there
For heat goes through the house.
It glows all night.
It shows all my life.

I will arise and stay there.
Stay were my life started
I will sit down were I was a little boy
To a strong man.

Darby's Bed

I will arise and go now
and go to Duntryleague
and there I stare at the Fir trees
and I am intrigued

I will arise and go now
and go to Darby's Bed
there I will stay there,
for when my horse is fed

I will have a picnic there,
the stream were I leave the horse to drink
the woods were the dog goes wild
until she catches her mouse .

I feel happy there
among the trees ,
Where I am hppy
Hugh Ryan.


I will arise and go now to Athlone
I will stay in the Sheraton hotel
I will not go alone I will have
my family with me

Their will be a spa and
a swimming pool
I will visit m cousins  jannet
and she has sons Daniel and Reo
Her dad is called Francis

We had stayed their for three nights
I went into the pool for an hour or two
On the last day we went for dinner
Beside a lake. That was  ATHLONE

My Farm
I will arise and go now and go to my farm,
I shall look at my calves in the hay barn.
I shall feed the cows silage and nuts
And I will be so happy with my cows and calves.

I shall go to the fields and sow some seeds
And kill all the weeds in that lovely breeze
I hope my seeds will not freeze
I love the fields so much.

I love the summer so much,
All the silage being done
A tractor I wish I won
So I could work under the sun
By Liam Finnan.

I will arise and go now
and go to Bantry
And go to the beach  and swim in the sea
Feeling between my toes the soft white sand

And I will be happy there
Looking at the gulls soaring through the air
Watching the boats bobbing on the sea
With the waves splashing water all over me

The sun beating down upon the rock pools
On the crabs fish and seaweed
Smelling the salty air
I do not have a care
Emma Bourke

Kerry Coast

I will arise and go now and go to the
Kerry Coast,
To Dingle, Killarney and Kenmare
With beautiful scenery everywhere

In Dingle, Slea Head I will go
And see the waves crashing against the shore
In Kenmare, to the river I will go
And hear the water lapping slow

In Killarney, Mucross I will see
And the jarveys trotting along beside me
And I shall have some fun there
for everything is sweet
With beaches, lakes, and woodlands
And children running around in the summer heat.
Maeve O'Mahony

My Home
I will arise and go now
And go to my home
But I really don't know how
It's like  holidays in Rome

And I shall have a good time
Playing many games and sports
The sun is really shining
And I am wearing shorts

I shall have some peace and quiet
It will be very nice
I will have  diet coke
And there will be no mice
Alex Finnan

The Sea

I will arise and go now and go to the sea,
The sea of lovely things,
I will go and see the lovely scenery
The sea there I will go.

And I shall have some fun there,
I shall swim and have some fun,
The view and the wind,
What a place the wind the wind.

I will play some peil,
It will be swell
The sea, the beach
And to say goodbye.
Grainne Ryan


I will arise and go now, and go to Tramore,
And see the sea gulls soar,
High above in the sky,
I feel like I can fly

And I can have some fun there,
Beside the beach is a fair,
With so much rides to use,
I don't know which to choose

I look along to the horizon,
And see the see the clouds blow across the sun,
The waves crash strong against the shore,
Then I couldn't wish for any more.
Grainne Blackburn


I will arise and go now
  And go to France
I will not have to wear a jacket
Because it is very sunny

And I shall have some fun there
For it well be very good
I will go to the beach
And have a good rest`

And I shall go swimming
And while start listening
To the birds singing
How much fun was it in France
Ger Quinlan

Football field

I will arise and go now,
and go to the football field.
Where I will play football
It will be such a happy scene

And I shall have some sport there
Because sport is always there
To sport I give all my care
And make all of the games fair

I will arise and go now
for always night and day
I have so many things to say
I never want to walk away
Erica dineen

I will arise and go now
and go to Galbally,
One of the places in history.
There is a great scene there,

I will have fun there
for fun is worth gold,
And live my life till I am very old.
Its my home and I'll never be alone.

Who doesn't love Galbally?
I don't know who?
I love galbally,
And you should too.
Fiona Noonan

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