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School sports
Our boys played their blitzs on 1st October.They played well but on the day did not make it through to the finals.
Our girls played on the 8th of October and having won through the blitz are now through to the final on 23 October against Hospital.

10 October - Harvest Time  

The temperature rose to 20 degrees.So it was a perfect day to harvest our potatoes and do some tidying up in the school garden.Despite the summer heatwave we are delighted with how our crops have done.And naturally everyone loved the class out doors.There is something great and relaxing about getting ones hands in contact with the soil

28 September Sponsored Walk
Today we had our annual walk to Darby's Bed .It is always a very enjoyable day out.This year the weather was fabulous and we had a lovely time.Funds raised are very important to the school budget and thanks very much to anyone who sponsored our walkers.

24 September New School Year Mass
The school attended morning mass tomorrow Tuesday 25th.Wewere delighted so many of the wider Community  came along to celebrate with us.

4th September - Liam Mccarthy Cup visit
We were honoured to welcome back past pupil and All Ireland winning manager John Kiely with the Liam McCarthy cup.It was a special warm emotional enjoyable day that will live long in all our memories.John was accompanied by Doon players Richie English Pat Ryan and Barry Murphy.A huge thanks to all the locals who came out to celebrate with us.Click on thumbnail below for link here to a video of the historic occasion.

Galbally NS Autumn Newsletter 2018
(click on the Infants pic to download a Pdf you can save to your phone.)

We would like to welcome every one back again for a new school year.  
We extend a special welcome to our  new Junior Infants –
Millie Buckley, Sarah Carroll, Siun Commons, Chris Cunningham, Bobby Donovan,
Jack Fraher, Mia Hennessy, Noah Morrissey, Justin O’Meara, Liam Reynolds,
Kacper Sadlowski, Max Schroeder-Weigel and William Tyndall.
Welcome also to Pia Tyndall, Elsie Tyndall, Isabelle Lynch, Dean Lynch and Ruby Lynch who have joined other classes.
Staff: Welcome Mrs Orlaith Reardon who is our First Class and Second Class girls teacher.
Text a parent We operate group texting system to parents mobile phone. Please keep us updated if you change your number. Also please provide mobile no. of parent who is most easily contacted. Please let us know if there is any change of address.
353 87 7730000  is a computerised Mob No that we use occasionally to get your feedback. It is not linked to a phone so do not use it to contact us.

Holiday Details/School Closures .
These are the days off / holidays for the coming school year.
Halloween Break – Week 29th October to 2nd November
Christmas Holidays– Half Day Fri 21st December and back on 7th January
Spring Mid Term Break – 21st & 22nd  February
Bank Holiday - Monday 18th March
Easter Holidays – Half Day Fri 12th April and reopens on 29th April .
May Bank Holiday – Monday 6th May
June Bank Holiday – Friday 31 May &  Monday 3rd June
Summer Holidays - Half Day Tuesday 25th June

PE / Tracksuit days.
Mrs Cunningham: Wednesday & Friday
Mrs Reardon : Wednesday
Mrs Leahy: Wednesday & Friday
Mrs Byrnes: Wednesday
Mr Kearney: Wednesday
It is important that children should have their names clearly marked on their
uniforms , coats, tracksuits ,school books and other personal belongings.

Birthday Parties and Invitations.
Party invitations are not to be distributed amongst pupils in school. We hope that parents would establish their own network of phone numbers .We do not want a situation where some children are upset at not getting an invitation.

Parents’ Council
Parents Council will hold AGM shortly. Hope as many parents as possible can attend this very important meeting.

Galbally Childcare Service
Tel 086-8231838 to book your child in for after school/Homework Club. The home work club is a tremendous asset to the school. Children have the opportunity to complete  part of their written work in a supervised atmosphere. They then have a wide range of indoor / outdoor activities available to them afterwards. The cost is kept as low as possible as the service is a non profit organisation. (note children who live in excess of 2 miles from school traditionally have the 2 to 3 session free if they have older brothers and sisters in school ) . This year we will continue to offer a variety of afterschool activities, full details available soon.
Head Lice
Each year there is a constant problem with head lice. Please be vigilant and treat promptly if you find eggs /lice .Also make sure children with long hair have it tied back neatly  to minimise risk.

Healthy Eating
In line with our Social Personal & Health Education  programme we would ask that parents would help us with our Healthy Eating policy.  We would hope that your child would have something healthy each day e.g. a piece of fruit.  Please DO NOT put fizzy drinks, crisps or chewing gum in your child’s lunchbox Remember your child should be able to open bottles and containers themselves and to bear this mind when buying. Also, it is advisable to place bottles in a plastic bag in case of leakage.

Online Payments We started using online payments last year. This reduces the amount of cash coming in to the school and will be more convenient for class teachers. You will receive a text with a link to the payment operator .We appreciate your cooperation with this.

Safety All children from Junior Infants to 3rd class will be accompanied to the school gates by their class teacher at home time. If there isn't someone present to collect child , they will return to classroom and can be collected there.
If Parent is  delayed child may be cared for at afterschool
Please ensure your children are under your supervision after hand over and stay in car if driving or by your side if walking.
Children should not play on road , climb on walls or partake in any  dangerous activity.
We ask parents to drive with great caution and to allow for the unexpected errors that children of school-age can make.If a child has an appointment and must leave school early the teacher must be informed in writing in advance.  Parents/guardians are asked to call personally to the classroom to collect the child and to accompany the child to the classroom on his/her return to school.

Parent—Teacher Meetings.
Formal Meetings: take place in November. However if a parent wishes to arrange a meeting at any stage during the year to discuss their child they may do so by contacting the class teacher and making an appointment.

Meeting with Principal. I am available any morning for a quick chat from 9 o clock. If you have an issue that may deserve more time call the office and we will arrange a time suitable to all.
Office: Breda works— Monday 10 to 3, Wednesday 10 to 3 & Friday 9 to 3.

Support Teaching
In line with recent Department of Education guidelines we will support children with additional learning needs in a number of ways:
Within the classroom
In small group settings
On an individual basis
Occasionally, we will also withdraw children for social games and activities—this will include children with both additional learning needs and none. . As always, if you have any concerns about your child, please do not hesitate to make an appointment with the class teacher.

Where do I get ????????
Aileen Ryan Ballylanders for tracksuits / uniforms
Hylands Mitchelstown for books etc….
All children are asked to wear school uniform and tracksuit on tracksuit days. If one is in the wash please wear the other and write a note to class teacher.

Dates to Note
Confirmation 2nd April  (Aherlow Church)  First Communion  5th May

Education Welfare Board. We are obliged to keep a record of all  absences for the Department.  Any child absent in excess of 20 days has to be reported to the National Education Welfare Board (N.E.W.B).  If a child has a genuine absence there is no need to worry. The absence will be reported but the N.E.W.B. will make an allowance.  Notes must be provided for each absence/partial absence.  Absence notes are in your child’s homework diary.  
If child has to leave school for any length of time a note is required. If your child is sick keep them at home as they may pass the illness to other children. They will be uncomfortable in school and staying at home will speed their recovery. If  your child returns to school but is still recovering from illness and you wish them to stay indoors at break/lunch time, you must send note to class teacher and they will be cared for in Principals room

Book club. This is a great facility for our families. It is very  important that all books are kept and maintained in good condition. We ask your cooperation  in this area.
Homework Guidelines
The following are the approximate times that classes should spend at homework.
Infants 10 to 20 minutes                1st—2nd Class 30 minutes
3rd—4th Class 40 - 50 minutes     5th—6th Class 1 hr
If a child is spending considerably longer than the suggested times allow children to finish up and leave the work that was delaying them. Write a note to the teacher in the child’s diary. We also ask that homework would be signed and timed so that we are aware of pupils who spend a long time doing it and may be having difficulties.

Opening/Closing Times
The school day runs from 9.20 to 3.00.We ask that children do not come to school too early. Teachers may be in their classes but they need this time to prepare for the day ahead.  Children  to arrive between 9.05 and 9.20.

Upcoming Activity:  Sponsored Walk to Darby’s Bed
Weather permitting will be held mid to late September. A most enjoyable day for Parents & Children – not to be missed!

Website. There is a digital version of this newsletter together with many other articles on our website All other latest news will be posted there regularly. Many school policies are available and more will be added soon.
Watch out for us online
Facebook:  Galbally NS & Childcare

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