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Junior Inventor Awards 2011.
We have entered this competition.It is a competition the Patents Office has launched.- the Junior Inventor Awards 2011. The Awards, which is now in its 4th year, seeks to encourage primary school children to demonstrate their creativity and inventiveness, and hopefully sow the seeds of interest in the sciences and engineering at an early age.Entries can include any idea for an invention that solves an everyday problem for example the GPS system in cars or the dishwasher - ideas that makes life better or easier.The competition was originally launched by the Patents Office to mark its contribution to World Intellectual Property Day, which falls on the 26th April every year.

These are some of our ideas.
Ewan.               Bin Tipper.                               Tips bin at sink into wheelie bin when it’s too heavy.

Fionn.                Sensor Toilet.                            Place hand over toilet and it flushes automatically.

Eoin.                  Hurley Sander.                           Sands the hurley down smooth the way we like it.

Nathan.             Velcro hurling glove.                  Velcro grip stops your hand slipping on the hurley.

Megan.             Mini coal bag.                            Large bag of coal containing small lighter bags of coal.

Chantelle.          Voice recognition hoover.         Talk to hoover and tell it where you want it to hoover.
Michéal.          Voice recognition remote.          Lets you speak to remote to change channel/volume etc.

James.               Massaging School Bag.             Straps  tell  massage unit  you want to be massaged.

Darren.              Door closing sensor.                Door automatically closes after someone walks through.

Niall.                   Fence stake belt.                      An easy way tocollect electric fence stakes.

Anthony.            Soccer ball  layer.                   Extra layer on ball to stop it bursting.

Conor                Wire collector                         Farmer able to collect wire easily.

Hugh                  Electric dog prod                    Dog gets prodded if it goes near other dogs.

Darragh             Cyclist radio alert unit              Motorists message if  cyclists up ahead.

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