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We are an Active School and were delighted to be awarded Active Flag status by the Department of Education and Science.
Research has proven that exercise and activity improves children’s ability to learn and their overall wellbeing. Galbally NS has a strong tradition of sports and activity and is fully committed to building on this in the process of acquiring the flag. This flag is a prestigious recognition of schools like ours that strive to achieve a physically educated and active environment.

In order to be awarded the Active School Flag schools must:

  •    Adhere to DES guidelines regarding PE timetable provision for all students

  •    Teach a broad and balanced PE curriculum

  •    Inform and invite the whole school community to participate in the ASF process

  •    Self-evaluate current provision in terms of PE, Physical Activity and Partnerships

  •    Plan, implement and monitor improvements for each of the aforementioned areas

  •    Organise an ‘Active School Week’ as part of the annual school calendar

Active School Committee
We have elected an Active School Committee who are committed to investing energy in inspiring the school community toward achieving our Active Flag. Our committee includes Active Flag Committee
Parents. Declan Dineen, Darren Sheedy, Chris Fahey Marguerite O Mahoney , All Staff and nominated pupilss from each class.

Active School Noticeboard
We have established an Active School Noticeboard in the hall. This is a special space that will broadcast our plans, record our decisions and recognise any sporting achievements, both inside and outside school. It will provide information about our ‘Dance of the Week’ and ‘Playground Game of the Week’. It will also inform about upcoming events and community sports. We hope that our Active School Noticeboard will be vibrant and constantly evolving.
Active School Motto
We invited suggestions from all classes for an inspiring and motivating Active School Motto for our school.
Healthy Eating.
We realise that in order for us to have enough energy to be a really active school we need to make healthy choices in relation to food and drink. We have decided that  we will make a very special effort to bring healthy lunches to school.
We welcome and appreciate all suggestions and ideas and would be grateful if these could be communicated to  any member of the Active School Committee. We are all excited and hope that all members of the school community will join us as we embark on this journey towards achieving our first Active School Flag!!!
We have a suggestions box in Mr Kearneys hall and one of our ideas was to paint the lines in the court.It makes it easier when playing.In the picture here the active commitee set about painting the lines.

Snow fun.
We always love to see snow.Check us out here on youtube having an extended "Active break"

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